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A Made in Preston Commission for Preston Guild 2012

20 Years of Stories

To celebrate Preston Guild in 2012, They Eat Culture & Made in Manchester will lead on a stunning, ambitious and unique literature project. Three different writers have written a story based in Preston: past, present, future. The first writer begins their story in 1972, and the focus will be on the past. The second writer [...]

2012 Stories

Three writers – David Gaffney, Claire Massey, and Richard Evans – started a writing project that could last until the next Guild, turning Preston into a city writing about itself! Read the synopses below and see the Audio Trails map. The stories could be heard on audio trails during Preston Guild 2012.   THE 2012 SYNOPSES Freakout in [...]

2012 Writers

David Gaffney lives in Manchester. He is the author of Sawn Off Tales (2006), Aromabingo (2007), Never Never (2008), Buildings Crying Out, a story using lost cat posters (Lancaster litfest 2009), 23 Stops To Hull a set of stories about every junction on the M62 (Humber Mouth festival 2009) Sawn off opera a set of [...]

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Richard Evans – How Preston has inspired ‘Priest’.

The main inspiration for my story was the Preston Strike of 1842, as I felt that whatever...

Claire Massey – ‘Gold Threads’ photo trail

St George’s Shopping Centre

Claire Massey on P3:20 and Preston Guild

It’s currently the Preston Guild, an historic celebration that only happens...